Shedding light to The Glass City’s finest.

Like many other great little big cities, Toledo is home to many unique treasures. Booming industries and imaginative artists have found a home in Toledo, Ohio, but in such a big little city – it can be hard finding all these immaculate gems. Wonderous foods, giant glass pavilions, and Fortune 500 companies are just a few accolades of this hard working city. Let’s dive into some more.

A City Rich in History

Dating all the way back to 1615 and French-Canadian explorer Étienne Brûlé

First settled in 1795.

Since the city’s official founding in 1833, the banks of the Maumee River has been home to this great big little city. Formerly of Monroe County, Michigan, Toledo was welcomed to Ohio after the conclusion of the Toledo War in 1837.

Fine Culture

Nature meets Art meets Creativity meets Passion meets Inspiration

A truly extravagant mix of nature & art

Take a journey through the trails of the Metroparks, or enjoy one of our many incredibly talented local musicians. And if that’s not your thing – there’s plenty of interesting people for you to get to know 🙂

Culinary Treasures

Home to some of the best kept culinary secrets of the midwest.

Locally grown, made, and served.

Toledo offers a WIDE variety of culinary adventures for 419ers to enjoy. Coffee shops, World-class steakhouses, authentic sushi, and the sweetest of doughey treats are just a few of our delicious delectable’s.

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