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Episode 8 of the Toledo Matters Podcast – Molly Thompson, Director of the Launchpad Incubator at the University of Toledo ———————————————————
With Bob Tucker, Danny Woodcock, & Nathan Lewis
Fun Times in the 419:
Toledo’s first Barcade – RESET – opened up last weekend and has been jamming ever since! With classics like Space Invadors, Pacman, Golden Tee, NFL Blitz, and retrons on the tables so customers can enjoy classic Super Nintendo games & sit down for the full Bar 145 menu.
Today’s Guests:
/// Molly Thompson \\\\
* VeggieU – Former Director of Development
* Internationally published author of I Am Diva! Every Woman’s Guide to Outrageous Living
* Director of Launchpad Incubation Program at UT
* Founder of Coder Dojo Toledo

Favorite hidden gem in Toledo – Fowl & Fodder