The Toledo Matters Podcast is proud to bring to you our first ever Special Presentation!
Coming to you “live” from the Red Room at the Toledo Museum of Art at the #UXTR (User Experience Toledo Region) Conference – we sit down with conference planners and conference attendees as the Official Storytelling Partner at this year’s conference.


We cover a broad range of topics – ranging from Ghost Hunting Startups to new Indie Slashomedy films!


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Part 1

1 – Keith Instone

2 – Stuart Bertsch

Episode 2

1. Anthony Fontana – Owens Corning
2. Liz Medsker – CNWR
3. Doug Mallette – HCR
4. Jason Siagie – CNWR
5. Clint Laforest – BGSU
6. Jeff Miller – Geo lore llc.
7. Greg/Chris – Toledo Web Professionals