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Episode 31 of the Toledo Matters Podcast
– Dennis Sawan, founder @downtown419
With Bob Tucker, Danny Woodcock, & Nathan Lewis
Whats going on in the 419

  • Monday night – Toledo Rep – A Night of Improv
  • Friday Saturday, 25th & 26th – Downtown 419 Tolley Poppin’. Trolleys will be taking people all around downtown Toledo for a tour of some of the city’s breweries, Christmas lights, and revitalization projects. The trolleys take off at 6, 8, and 10 from Manhattans. $20, BYOB for the Trolley Ride
  • Small Biz Saturday – don’t forget to get out and support local businesses!

Today’s Guests:

Dennis Sawan

* Personal Injury Lawyer;

* Creative;

* Founder;


Favorite hidden gem in Toledo: Bike Trail next to Greenbelt parkway and 280 bridge.


Toledo Trivia

Q1. Ohio’s Governor Robert Lucas and Michigan’s Boy Governor Stevens T. Mason (he was 24) began fighting the Toledo War in what year?

A1. 1835

Q2. When congress proposed a solution to the Toledo War, what was Michigan offered in lieu of the Toledo Strip?

A2. The Upper Peninsula

Q3. Following the Battle of Fallen Timbers, who was the only famous Native American to refuse to sign the treaty?

A3. Tecumseh

Bonus. What is the older building in Downtown Toledo that has been inhabited since its construction? Hint: It was a hotel to begin with.

A. The Oliver House

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