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Show Guests

Twinkle Toes and Peek-A-Boo from the University of Toledo’s secret fan society – Blue Crew.

Whats going on in the 419

  • Toledo Auto Show going on all weekend at the SeaGate Center. 
More info at
  • Saturday January 28th – UT Double Header. Mens basketball at 2, Women’s basketball at 430.
  • Sunday January 29th – Noontime Improv with Unfiltered – Toledo’s Premiere Improv Comedy Troupe at the Glass City Roasters. More info on Unfiltered’s Facebook Page.
  • February 3rd – Featured Violinist Sarah Chang joins the Toledo Symphony Orchestra in a performance from West Side Story. 
More info at

Toledo Trivia

Q1. First known as Toledo University of Arts & Trades, UT first opened its doors in Downtown Toledo in what year?

Q2. 1928, President Henry Doermann worked with the city to pass a 10,000 vote levy and completed two iconic Collegiate Gothic Style buildings on their new campus. What were those two buildings?

Q3. That land that President Doermann was able to move onto was an endowment gifted to the University by which famous Toledo newspaper editor in 1872?

Bonus: In the last 19 matchups between UT and Bowling Green in Football, Men’s Basketball, AND Woman’s Basketball, how many wins does UT have?


– For more information on Twinkle-Toes, Peek-A-Boo and all of the UT Blue Crew head over to or just see them around the UT campus for game day and pep rallies.
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