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jackie kennedy death photo newspaper

Episode 1 of The 419 Podcast follows two gangsters in Toledo during the Prohibition Era – one committing Toledo’s largest crime and the other being Toledo’s deadliest gangster.

Joseph Urbaytis committed Toledo’s single largest crime – following a post truck and robbing it for all of its contents. Urbaytis would get away untouched, and eventually face prison time. Escaping his sentence 3 times, hear the dramatic story of this Toledo gangster trying to escape Alcatraz prison.

Yonnie Licavoli and the Purple Gang hailed from Detroit, but they saw Toledo as a crown jewel. Eventually trying to take the city from prominent Toledo mobsters Jimmy Hayes and Jackie Kennedy, Yonnie and the Purples had their work cut out for them. A tale of hustle and murder; the Purple’s hold on Toledo was eventually thwarted.

On the right is an image from a newspaper on the day Jackie Kennedy was murdered by Yonnie Licavoli’s henchmen.