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This Week’s Topic – The National Museum of the Great Lakes

The National Museum of the Great Lakes was established in 2014 and is host to the Col. James M. Schoonmaker (formerly known as the Willis B Boyer). At the time of her launch in 1911, the Schonmaker took the title of Queen of the Lakes which is given to the biggest ship on the Great Lakes.

Show Guests

John McCarty – Chief Operating Officer, National Museum of the Great Lakes
Anna Kolin – Director of Development, National Museum of the Great Lakes

****Toledo Trivia***

Q1.  Edward Drummond Libbey and a co-hort of 6 other incorporators first opened the Toledo Museum of Art in which year?

A1. 1901

Q2. Edward Libbey pledged $50,000 toward a new Museum building if the people of Toledo would raise an equal amount. The goal is accomplished within 20 days. Edward and his Wife Florence donate 6 acres of land on Monroe St. for the cause. In what year would that building (the building you and I know as the Toledo Museum of Art) first open?

A2. 1912

Q3. On May 21st, 2013 – the Toledo Museum of Art went “off the grid” for the very first time. WHAT produced enough energy for them to meet their operational needs, and send some energy back to the electrical grid?

A3. Solar Panels (Fun Fact: The TMA is host to 1 of 4 electric car charging stations in Toledo. Another, right outside my apartment building on Superior)

Bonus: In an 1821 Sir Thomas Lawrence painting hosted at the TMA, his foot appears to move with your eyes as you cross the room. As you enter, his foot appears to be facing the doorway you’ve entered. By the time you’re walking out, his foot now faces your exit. What is the name of that painting?

A. Lord Amherst


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