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Show Guests

Pam Bennington and Natalie Miller serve on the board for our Glass City Dog Park. Pam serves as the Board President and Natalie identifies herself as a voice for the small dogs!

Whats going on in the 419

  • Mar24/25 — Downtown 419 Glass City Social / Pop-Up Barcade
  • April 6 —– Claddagh Comedy Series featuring Mike Stanley from FUNNY OR DIE Oddball FEst

****Toledo Trivia***

Q1. True or False: Dalmations are born with spots?

A1. False

Q2. Recently, a pooch named Duke from Springfield Township Ohio won best in show at the 141st annual dog show of what name?

A2. Westminster

Q3. Last year, a dog named Duke was re-elected for his third term as a mayor in a small town, to what State? Seriously… third term as mayor.

A3. Minnesota – Cormorant, Minnesota.

BONUS.  The Norwegian Lundehund is the only dog that has how many toes on its paws?

A. 6


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