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Show Guests

Dave Ayling and Josh Lightle from The Story Machine 9000 Podcast join us today! Story Machine 9000 is unique podcast in which host and guest story tellers alike are gifted a few words and prompts from the mysterious, magical Story Machine! This podcast, started by some Toledoans, can be found at

Additionally, the guys have worked on the Tree City Film Festival in Sylvania the past few years. Checkout the films here:

****Toledo Trivia***

Q1. This Toledo Native starred as Maxwell Klinger on MASH … Hint: Used to have a LPGA Tournament named after him

Q2. Formerly Married to a scientologist, this Toledo native Actress will be a judge at the Maumee Film Festival this September (and hopefully a guest on the Toledo Matters Podcast)?

Q3. Bonnie Turner, a Toledo Native, was formerly a staff writer on SNL who would go on to create two timeless TV series’ – Third Rock From The Sun, and this other classic starring Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher (among others)?

Bonus: This new NBC Sitcom starring Glenn Howerton from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Patton Oswalt is about an Ivy League philosophy scholar who losses his dream job and ends up teaching AP Bio at a local Toledo school?


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