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Show Guests

Sara Fulton is the founder and sole backing force behind the refugee community program – Gather Toledo. Gather Toledo brings local and newly local families together around a dinner (or picnic table) to share a meal, conversation, and laughter between. Host and refugee families have created bonds and strong ties to each other and the community.

****Toledo Trivia***

Q1. Which local restaurant features delicious menu items such as the Bang Bang tacos, citrus Brussels, and “Whatever” Bubble Tea

A1.  Balance!

Q2. What is the name of the long time Jazz club downtown that closed in 2011 that often featured the UT jazz band”

A2. Murphy’s

Q3. This venue first opened its doors as a hotel in 1859 between downtown and Middlegrounds and now features 3 different restaurants & bars.

A3. Oliver House

BONUS. Wrapped in a namesake mural, this downtown restaurant is one of Toledo’s oldest and is known for its delicious greasy burgers!

Bonus. The Green Lantern


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